MassagesThe Spa At WW360

The Well Women 360 Massage team specializes in every massage modality traditional to North America and Europe. Whether it is just for relaxation, or therapeutic purposes, Reflexology, or an exotic Thai massage our professional team is fully trained and equipped to perform. Please note that some of the massage services are available as add-ons at a lower price. Please consult with the booking professional when requesting your appointment. Aromatherapy is available to be added on to most treatments.

BUNDLES: Purchase a series of six massages, body treatments or facials and instantly receive 15% discount or get the seventh treatment for free.


The Swedish massage is the most requested type of full body massage and a great place to start.  Swedish massage is designed for relaxation utilizing medium to light pressure with long flowing strokes. It still stimulates the whole system, which makes it possible for the body to be rebalanced while improving blood and lymphatic circulation, elimination of toxins and relief from stress. Swedish massage has shown to be helpful in reducing pain and joint stiffness.

50 minutes | $70

90 minutes | $100


The ultimate in relaxation – Hot Stone massage has been used for thousands of years for harmonizing, cleansing and relaxing the body at its deepest level. These unique stones are from deep within the earth and are rich in minerals that can be heated for use in deep relaxation massage and intensive energy work. The massage therapist will also hold the stones and use them to massage certain areas of the body bringing relaxation to the whole body. The body is gently massaged with warm stones allowing the heat to penetrate deep into the muscles for a therapeutic effect and deep relaxation.

60 minutes | $100

90 minutes | $125


Our signature multiple modality massage integrates Swedish, Reflexology, Deep Tissue, Hot Stones and a customized Aromatherapy scent for the ultimate massage experience.

75 minutes | $100

90 minutes | $135


Note: During the first 12 weeks of pregnancy receiving massage may result in a miscarriage. Therefore, prenatal massage can be performed only during second and third trimesters.

This specialized massage alleviates back and neck pain, reduces swelling and is soothing and nurturing for mother and baby. The pregnancy massage can relieve headaches, sinus congestion, backaches, leg cramps, swollen ankles, sciatic pain, and treat sleep issues. The primary focus is made on the special needs during pregnancy as female body goes through significant changes. A special Prego pillow can be used to help support the body. This treatment provides comfort and care with gentle massage and careful stretching which provides added benefits during pregnancy for both mother and baby.

30 minutes | $50

60 minutes | $80

90 minutes | $105


(must be beyond 6 weeks postpartum)

Our special postpartum massages combine deep tissues and careful stretching to improve muscle tone and lymphatic drainage to renew your after-baby body.  A combination of techniques to heal, restore, and relax using rejuvenating oils to provide relief from stress of delivery and much needed decompression.

30 minutes | $50

60 minutes | $90

90 minutes | $120


Revitalizing Scalp Massage- The scalp treatment is one of the most stress relieving treatments that can be added to any massage or performed as a single treatment. Scalp treatments enhance circulation, nourish roots and leave hair healthy, soft, and glossy.  

20 minutes | $25

Hand Massage-Daily washing can over dry your hands. Add some moisture to your dry and tired hands and renew them.

20 minutes | $25

Foot Reflexology Massage-Treat your tired feet to our special pampering with essential oils and tissue massage through application of pressure on your reflexes. Tension is released and circulation is improved which promotes the natural function of the body.

30 minutes | $35

Hydrating Foot Peel- This technique utilizes the exfoliating and hydrating power of essential oils and plant based peel acids to removes dead cells and improve dry, cracked and rough skin.

30 minutes | $45