Mission & Goals

Well Women 360 (WW360) was developed to enhance a woman and her partner’s experience of the childbirth journey. However, the concept of 360 allows women of all ages to come and utilize our services. Our goal is to provide physical and psychological well-being to women of all ages.

Midwifery and women’s health is first and foremost about caring for women. Every woman deserves to receive care that is safe satisfying and encourages the ability for the woman to become empowered. Well Women 360 is a facility within our community that aims to provide stronger and more confident parents in a safe, fun and relaxed way providing opportunity for couples to meet with others, share stories, obtain knowledge about the journey of childbirth, and address fears and concerns. These relationships often provide post-delivery support in the community setting which whilst invaluable is often not given the worthy recognition in supporting new Moms during the early transition to parenting. For this purpose the environment should be conducive to learning and welcoming, allowing women to form relationships with other pregnant women.

The Spa welcomes all women.